Ribbing, here I come!

I spent tonight teaching myself how to knit Continental, because ribbing in English is such a pain and the idea of knitting these Blue Sky Alpaca armwarmers, even a shorter version like I’m intending, was not appealing. I had intended my practice swatch to also be a gauge swatch for this project, but since I was concentrating on technique I read the gauge instructions wrong, and knit in k2 p2 rib instead of k3 p2 rib. I think I’ll have some more knitting time tomorrow, though, so I’ll work on that then; unless, that is, I’m a good girl and do the finishing for one of my Christmas gifts.

No photos taken today because the sun never made an appearance. Tomorrow looks much more promising, however.

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One Response to Ribbing, here I come!

  1. Tim says:


    Can you knit a loon warmer?

    Rim shot,


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