Time is passing so quickly!

I’ve been knitting like a mad woman to get the birthday/Christmas scarf finished, and I’m almost there! I’m a little concerned about having enough yarn to make it to the end, though. I’m not sure if I’m going to make it, but I have a couple of ideas for adjustments, if necessary.

I’ve made no progress on anything else since my last post, knitting-wise or music-wise. I had every intention of going to band rehearsal last Monday, but I woke up that morning miserably sick. I had that sore throat/ear ache/sinus headache combo that’s been going around, at least in my part of the world. Everyone at work has had it, and several people in my family have, as well. So, I’m not very well prepared for the concert coming up on Sunday. It’s kind of snuck up on me. In fact, I need to be sure to call my dad and my grandma tomorrow to remind them that it’s coming up. And call my mom, because I told her the wrong location.

I blame the cold medicine.

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