Happy Veterans’ Day!

Today was our Veterans’ Day concert.  It actually went quite well!  Everyone said we sounded good, and despite my missing several rehearsals and not practicing nearly as much as I should have, I made it through my solo (which turned out to be a duet with a bassoon – I have no idea where he came from, but it sure was nice!) without much trouble, and even sort of enjoyed myself.  I really do love performing, even when the music itself is lackluster.

It’s over now, and we got our Christmas music today, so yay!  It looks like we’re going to do the Nutcracker Suite and Fum, Fum, Fum (among other things, of course).  Not bad!

I’ve really got to find a teacher, though.  Or at very least, someone who can teach me to make my own reeds.  I’m afraid to try to learn from a book, because I wouldn’t even know how to know if the book was worth it.  But it’s terrible that I have to keep just buying reeds blindly, hoping I’ll end up with something that works.

I think I really do want to get back into performing, though, and since I don’t see myself joining any choirs any time soon, I should work on actually improving my oboe skills again instead of just sliding by on my musical talent just because it’s a community band and I can.  It would be nice, I think, to actually make some progress again.

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