Yay for Christmas music!

It’s so good to feel important to the music.  Christmas music is so much better for oboists than marches.  Of course, we’re still playing Jingle Bells Forever (I think I need to find Robert W. Smith and punch him in the nose), but overall this is a much more pleasant concert.

And, they got my pad fixed in time for tonight’s rehearsal!

On the knitting front, I have two Christmas gifts that are done except for the finishing work – sewing for both, a couple of beads and a little blocking for one, felting and more sewing for the other.  I’m very excited about that.   Soon I have to decide on a new project!  I’ve got a few good candidates – I have everything for Monkey socks, though I also really want to make a pair of mittens and a hat for myself for winter.  We’ll see.  Also, I’m still working on the Everlasting Bagstopper.  I still haven’t worked out how I’m going to attach the ribbon handles, though.

Speaking of the EB, I think I’ll go knit a few rounds.  It’ll help me relax before bed.  Good night!

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