FO: Phoenix Tears Scarf

Here it is! The Phoenix Tears Scarf, completed and given to the recipient. I’m so thrilled to finally have it done. And my friend was thrilled to have it! I’m happy to say that the colors suit her quite well (I knew they would, but having spent so many hours seeing how terrible they look against my skin, I had started to have doubts).

Mods: I ran out of the Fandango before getting to the “curly plume” ruffles at the end, so I had to sub the Silky Chic, held double. It worked out alright, though the ruffles aren’t quite as sturdy as I would have liked, and of course the texture contrast isn’t there anymore. To compensate for the less sturdy ruffles, I only added one bead to each (the beads I bought are glass and rather heavy).

All in all, I’m very pleased with it!

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2 Responses to FO: Phoenix Tears Scarf

  1. val says:

    wow! that scarf is awesome. seriously. it’s beautiful.

    we will be there on Christmas day! i’m actually looking forward to that event. lucy has her first Christmas program on saturday. can you believe it??! her class is singing away in a manger and joy to the world. i can’t wait. it’s going to be hilarious.

    love ya,

  2. reedsandstrings says:

    Aw, thank you! I worked really hard on it for a long time – longer than it should have taken.

    I’m glad you guys will be there. I’m looking forward to seeing you, and to hearing how Lucy’s program went! Pre-Ks are the best!

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