Koigu and Achilles!

Hey, hey, it’s Achilles!

I’ve finally started my first pair of socks. I decided on a pair of Monkeys. Look at my beautiful yarn! I bought this back in May or June with birthday money when my LYS was having a sale. It’s been sitting in my drawer, just waiting for me, since then. Now, I’m finally ready. And, I got to use my new swift and ball winder on it! Achilles thought that was pretty fantastic. Then he decided that he needed to be involved with the photos, too.

I cast on last night, but probably won’t get anything more done tonight, since Lost will be on – not a good knitting show. But I’ve got nothing in particular planned for tomorrow other than relaxing, so I’ll probably make some pretty good progress!

I’m excited about this project because it’s my first pair of socks and because it’s my first project that I’ll be knitting Continental. It’s the first time I’ve used such tiny needles (they kind of hurt my hands, but I imagine I’ll get used to them or figure out a better way to hold them, or something). I’m a little worried because it’s lace, which I just had a really rough experience with, but it’s a totally different pattern, and it’s in the round, so I’m hoping it will be less stressful.

Of course, with Achilles around, any knitting project is an adventure.

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