Wishing I had a stash

I don’t really have a yarn stash. I have a few skeins of yarn sitting around waiting to be knitted, but they’re all assigned to some project or other. And at the moment, all of those projects call for small-diameter knitting in the round. Which means two circs or magic loop. Which means fiddly. And I’m not in the mood for fiddly right now. I have two pairs of socks on the needles right now, and another pair I need to start as a gift, and a couple of hats I ought to get started on because it’s getting colder, and a pair of mittens that I need to bring out of hibernation.

And yet, here I am, wishing for something larger, on bigger needles, and I have no yarn for that kind of project!

I think what I truly want is to start on my NaSweKniMo (National Sweater Knitting Month) sweater, but I can’t, because I haven’t even ordered the yarn yet, and anyway I’m supposed to make that in Novemeber! I’ll probably end up “cheating” and starting early, though, just because I’m so excited to make my first sweater.

It’s so frustrating not having a project I actually want to work on right now! So instead of being productive in any way, I’ve wasted my entire evening reading the internet. Mostly Ravelry, of course. Because I need more patterns in my queue. *sigh*

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One Response to Wishing I had a stash

  1. Grete says:

    Hello reedstrings!
    Since there are a lot of oboe players (one of them a famous one) in my family and I am a saxophone player in a local janitsjar, I simply HAD to send you a message.

    I am a grandmother of 62, I have knitted since I was small. You dont need to worry about the stash! If you are going on knitting, dont even think about it. Very soon and before you even know it, you have a stash problem as all other knitters in the world!
    I wish you luck with the stash, the knitting and the oboe!

    Best wishes from Grete in Norway

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