Unintended Break

Sorry about the lack of posts! You know how December can be. Thankfully, it’s almost over, and 2009 is about to begin!

First, an update on the sweater. In the end, it was too big. But with a little bit of careful felting, I was able to shrink it back down and it fits quite nicely now. It’s very cozy and pretty, and I’m quite happy with it. However, do I have an photos? No, of course not. Soon!

Next, other knitting! I’ve been knitting a lot since I finished the sweater, but I’ve been terrible about remembering to take pictures before giving things away. I made a neck wrap (Ravelry link) for my mom from the Linen Stitch Scarflet pattern at Bella Knitting. Here’s an “in progress” photo:
Hummingbird Scarflet

Haha – look at that. Turns out I actually knit that in October. I hadn’t blogged it yet, though, so here it is! Oh well.

Almost as soon as I finished the sweater, I started a hat for Grandma. At Thanksgiving she asked me to knit her a warm hat in a dark red color. No problem! I picked out some lovely Malabrigo in Burgundy

Grandma's Hat

and cast on the Foliage pattern from Knitty. I’d been wanting to try it anyway. It came out really well! I’m going to need to make one for myself eventually. Possibly in the Olive Malabrigo I bought the same time I bought the Burgundy.

Green Malabrigo

I just couldn’t help myself!

After knitting a hat for Grandma (which, of course, I have no photo of because I forgot to bring my camera over to her house, once I finally made it there), I decided I needed a hat for myself. I decided on this Owl Hat pattern. Aren’t those little owl cables adorable? It was a stash project, too – I used some alpaca I’d bought on National Alpaca Day or whatever when I visited an alpaca farm. Unfortunately, it was pretty much a disaster. For one thing, my yarn was too fine to get gauge, so I held it doubled. But I only had two balls, and the first time around I ran out before the end. So I ripped the whole thing back, took out several rounds near the beginning, and continued on my merry way. By the time the hat was finished, though, it was clear that it was going to be much too short for my head.

In the end, I gave it to my nephew, who is reading the Harry Potter books right now. I renamed it the Hedwig hat. I think he liked it, but since it was just one among many Christmas gifts that he received, it was a little hard to tell.

I have plans to try again with different yarn, but that will have to wait a little while. Because right now, aside from the two pairs of socks that still aren’t finished, I have two projects going. The first is a pair of mitts by SockPixie that I’m making out of the Blue Sky Alpaca I bought when I first started knitting. She used the same lace pattern as is in Elizabeth Zimmerman’s February Baby Sweater (Ravelry link). It’s lovely.

But because it’s slippery and fiddly and takes concentration, I also started a Darkside Cowl (Ravelry link) for myself. Out of a silk/wool blend. It won’t be the warmest thing ever, but it sure will be pretty!

So, that’s my knitting life right now. I’ll get some more pictures taken and posted soon, I really will. Especially of the sweater now that it fits correctly. And of the things I gifted away, eventually. I mean, it’s not like I never see these people! They’re my family!

Happy New Year to you all!

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