I have an excellent excuse, really.

I know. It’s been over four months since I last wrote anything here. I know. But there’s a really good reason for that.

Just days after the new year started, I found out that I’m having a baby!

I haven’t been sick, luckily, but I have been exhausted. Just completely exhausted. From mid-January until about two weeks ago I was taking a nap very nearly every day. Now I’m down to about three naps a week, which is a huge improvement, but I’m still not feeling particularly energetic.

So, here’s the short version:

We don’t know yet what we’re having, but will find out in May.
We have a couple of names that we like, but nothing’s picked yet, and I’m not willing to go public with any of our favorites yet.
My strangest craving so far has been for a blueberry doughnut – I’m not sure I’d ever had one before, to be honest.
My most recent craving has been for cream cheese.
I first felt the baby move on April 1st, but wasn’t 100% sure that’s what I was feeling until rehearsal on April 12, when he or she decided to dance along with the basses and cellos for nearly a minute straight.
I just felt him or her move right now!
I’ve only gained a couple of pounds, which is a relief, considering how many brownies I’ve eaten in the past two months.
I bought my first maternity outfit the week before Easter – a dress to wear to church (and throughout the summer).
Today mom took me out and bought me two tops, a pair of pants, and a pair of jeans!
Baby’s first present came from Dan’s mom: Goodnight Moon in board book form, an audiobook of The Velveteen Rabbit (Dan’s favorite when he was little), and a textured soft shapes book of dinosaurs.
The first present I bought for baby is a teddy bear.
Mom bought baby his or her first outfit set today: a green gown or coverall (depending on how you snap it) with polka dots on it, a matching hat and booties, and a matching bib with a little bear on it.
I’ve started but not yet completed a little knitted hat. I don’t have any baby pattern books yet, though.

Now that I’m feeling better in general, and I’ve finally gotten the word out to basically everyone I know, I intend to write about it a lot more often. And as soon as we get a new camera (probably next month), expect some pictures!

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2 Responses to I have an excellent excuse, really.

  1. Tanja says:

    What a nice excuse for not blogging….. All the best for you.

  2. sixoneseven says:

    Congratulations to you as well! :)

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