Ready for the Weekend

Well, as close as I’m going to get for now.

I had to give up my nap to do it, but all of the dishes are washed, dried, and put away. The first floor is vacuumed. The last load of laundry is in the washing machine.

When Dan gets home, he’ll have to haul the vacuum upstairs – I’m hoping he’ll offer to vacuum the guest room for me. He will also have to take care of the kitchen floor and probably the counters. I might be able to manage the counters, but not yet. And I haven’t cleaned the coffee pot yet because the vinegar is in the laundry room in the basement. It’ll just have to wait until I go down there again.

I’m sure that was an extremely boring read for anyone who bothered, but at this point I feel the need to chronicle and celebrate even the smallest of victories.

Speaking of which, I won a second $5 gift card for Barnes and Noble for selling the most museum memberships again last week. So, that’s fun! Now I just have to pick out a book to buy. Fiction? Knitting patterns? Parenting? What would you choose?

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