Car Crash Story

I was involved in a hit-and-run crash today on my way to work. It was fairly minor – at first, I thought I had run over an exposed man hole cover (there is ongoing construction on this particular road, which has been stripped and not fully repaved yet). Then I realized that there’s no way I was going fast enough to have caused that size of a bump from just a man hole cover. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw that a large white van had decided to pull out of a parking spot on the side of the road, right where I’d felt the jolt. He’d hit me! By that time I was in an intersection, and feeling pretty shocked, so I pulled through and slowed down, ready to pull over and talk to the van driver. But when I looked into my mirror again, he was gone – he must have turned onto the cross road.

I was horrified, kind of confused, and more than a little shocked, but I was also within several feet of the parking lot at work, so I pulled in. When I checked the damage, I found that my side view mirror was damaged, there was a dent just in front of my passenger door, and there was a big black mark all along both doors on the passenger side.

I started bawling and called Dan. He advised me to call the police to tell them what happened. I went inside, did just that, and was told I’d have to go to the Public Safety Building to file a report, but that I could wait until after work if I wanted to. After talking to Dan again, I called my OB’s office and was told to go to the hospital immediately to be checked out, even though it had been a small, low-speed impact.

I started crying again, but went and told my boss what had happened. She refused to let me drive myself to the hospital, so our accountant brought me in and waited with me for almost two hours. First they checked me out in the ER, then they moved me up to the Labor and Delivery floor and put me on a fetal monitor.

Sprout’s heartbeat was fine, but I was having some contractions. Not strong enough for me to feel – or, at least, to really distinguish from baby movements – but regular enough that the doctor decided I needed to stay on the monitor for six hours.

At that point I sent my coworker back to work and received a cervical exam. I was dilated to 1 cm, and my cervix was still very long. The nurse did not give me an effacement percentage.

After a few phone calls, Dan decided to come back to town to be with me, and in the meantime, my Mom decided to come up to the hospital to sit with me while I waited for him to get there.

I enjoyed chatting with Mom, and then was very grateful to have Dan with me. And I did in fact do some knitting. But it was basically six hours of reclining in an uncomfortable hospital bed, listening to the baby’s heartbeat, and being surprised when Mom or Dan would tell me the monitor said I was having a contraction. I eventually started to figure out what they felt like, though.

At the end of the six hours I had another exam. I’m still at 1 cm, but 50% effaced. The doctor agreed to discharge me, and didn’t put me on any restrictions, but the nurse and I agreed that it wasn’t a good idea for me to work the booth at the fair tomorrow, so she wrote a note for me to that effect.

I’m to keep drinking plenty of fluids, rest when I need to, and keep an eye on myself to see if my labor progresses. I’m still preterm – not quite 36 weeks – but she said that they wouldn’t do anything to stop full labor should it come on at this point. However, they are also not going to do anything to encourage it at this point.

Hopefully I won’t have anything new to report until after my regularly scheduled appointment on Thursday afternoon. I’ve had a few (noticeable) contractions since I left the hospital about four hours ago, but only one strong one.

They didn’t let me eat while I was on the monitor, so Dan took me out to dinner before taking me to the Public Safety Building to fill out my report. Now I’m home, safe, and will be going to bed early.

I just wanted to let everyone know what had happened and how I am doing. We’d appreciate any good thoughts, prayers, or love you would like to send our way. I’d really prefer that Sprout stay put for at least a couple more weeks!

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6 Responses to Car Crash Story

  1. Aneela says:

    Oh honey I’m so glad you and Sprout are okay!!! Sending lots of love and prayers and I’ll give you a big hug next time I see you! ♥

    • reedsandstrings says:

      Thank you. Today went quite well, so I’m feeling a lot less worried now.

      I’m looking forward to the hug! Thank you!

  2. Sara says:

    Oh no!! You are definitely in my prayers. I’m so sorry this happened and especially hard to handle given it was such a shock.

    • reedsandstrings says:

      Thanks, Sara. Today’s been much better, so I’m not as worried. I think he’s going to stay put for now. :)

  3. val says:

    hey, julie!! oh, man what a day! i would be bawling too. i’m so so glad you and sprout are okay. i wanted to let you know that i was 5cm dialated and 90% effaced for 2 weeks before i had ruby, so sprout could still definitely wait for his due date! praying for you guys and sending lots of love.

    see you saturday!

    love ya val!

    • reedsandstrings says:

      Thank you so much, Val, that makes me feel a lot better. Dan and I have both been hearing stories like that today, which is a relief. The nurse said that if he decided to come now, he’d probably have to stay in NICU for a week or so, and I’m just not sure how I’d handle that. But today has been calm, so I’m less worried about that happening now.

      See you Saturday!

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