It must be getting close.

The nesting urge has hit full force. The timing is excellent, though, because I’m home alone today and tomorrow and will have lots of time to get things done. Poor Dan has to work overtime today (though, I’m not complaining about the extra on his paycheck!) and the museum is closed tomorrow because the construction requires that the electricity be shut off.

So far this morning I’ve already folded and put away all but the last of the grown-up laundry, given Lira a good brushing, and even managed to shave in the shower this morning! I also ran a vinegar cycle through my coffee pot. Now I’m working on baby laundry.

At the moment, though, I’m finishing up some lunch and uploading some photos.

I’ve got a long list of tasks I want to have done by the time Dan gets home from work tomorrow, but for once I’m feeling like I might actually have the energy to get it all done. And, I’ve got some excellent inspiration to keep me going:

Take a look at the beautiful paint job in the nursery!

The tape is still up, but in this photo you can see all three colors: a forest green, a light blue, and a dark brown for the trim. It worked out great!

Oh, and here’s the floor, now that the carpet is up and it’s been sealed.

It’s a small, narrow room. Here’s the right side.

And here’s the left, including the closet door!

The inside of the entry door is also brown now, instead of the awful pink that all of the woodwork was when we started.

Everything looks so much better now! Dan wants to put one more coat on the walls, then we’ll get the furniture moved in. I’m so excited!

Alright, back to work! There’s lots more laundry to do!

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