Hello Again!

I actually have several drafts started, but instead I’m just going to write a silly little post, because I want to, and to get back into the swing of things, hopefully. I’ve missed writing! It’s amazing how little time I spend in front of the computer these days. But I’m sure learning a lot! For example:

Things I can now do well with a baby in my arms:
– Read the internet (for a few minutes, anyway)
– Type an e-mail or two
– Assemble a sandwich
– Fix a cup of coffee
– Eat a sandwich or something non-messy that can be cut with a fork
– Drink my morning coffee, if he’s not too squirmy
– Vacuum
– Fill the animals’ food and water bowls
– Carry a laundry basket up or down the stairs
– Make phone calls
– Set up my classroom for a workshop, including moving chairs

Things I can now (usually) do with a baby in my arms, if I must:
– Eat yogurt or applesauce out of a small container
– Eat a salad or other slightly messy food
– Clean up a baby-induced food spill
– Brush my teeth
– Put laundry into the washing machine
– Write in my calendar
– Move a table in the classroom
– Pump (I feel like a supermom when I pull this one off!)

Things I cannot do now that I have a baby:
– Sleep for more than three hours at a stretch
– Sometimes, sleep for more than one hour at a stretch
– Remember a darn thing! (probably related to the above)
– Keep a schedule
– Leave the house with less than 1.5 – 2 hrs preparation (and no matter how early I start, I always seem to be five minutes late!)
But, most importantly,
– Imagine life without him. Having a baby was the best decision we ever made!

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