Six Months!

Our little one has been in the world for six months now. It’s just amazing to me how much he’s changed in so little time! He’s becoming such a person. He laughs when he thinks something is funny, he can sit up by himself, he can reach for whatever it is that he wants (usually, that’s whatever we’re holding). He’s started putting his arms out when he wants to be picked up.

At his six-month checkup, he weighed in at 15 pounds 6 ounces, and measured 26 inches tall. He grew a pound, and two inches, in just two months! Amazing!

To celebrate his half-birthday, we gave Ben his very first taste of solid food last night, avocado. We laughed so much!

At first, all went well. He already likes to stick spoons into his mouth.

Then he actually got a taste of the food.

He kept coming back for more, though.

In the end, he made a fine mess, which he was eager to share with everyone.

Thank goodness for baths!

Bonus photo: The first flower of spring!

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