Nine Months!

Which means, of course, I haven’t touched this poor blog in over three months. That’s awful! But, rather than dwell on that, let’s just get to an update, shall we?

Benjamin is nine months old now, which is just astonishing to me. He weighs 17 lbs 7 oz, and is 27 in tall. So little! Who ever would have thought that I would have a little baby? I should find out how big my cousin’s son H was when he was born – he’s the only other small baby to ever be born into my dad’s family, that I’m aware of, and his mother is very petite. I hope Ben sprouts up when he gets older!

Let’s talk milestones! In the last three months, Benjamin has learned to crawl, pull himself to standing, climb up the stairs, walk with only one hand’s assistance, and cruise pretty much wherever he wants to go. He even took two unassisted steps on the 19th, four days into his tenth month!

He’s got four teeth now, too. His first two came in almost simultaneously. This is the first photo I got of his brand new teeth!

They’ve gotten quite tall since then.

I don’t have any photos of the top teeth yet, because he’s such a ham and always poses when I take his picture. I have trouble getting candid photos, too, because as soon as he sees the camera, he crawls right up to it!

Here’s a self-portrait we did together.

So, there you go! And since I have been doing a little bit of knitting and a little bit of oboeing, I’ll try to get back to this space a little more often. Because really, what good is a journal if it’s mostly empty?

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One Response to Nine Months!

  1. Aneela says:

    I’m amazed at how quickly they learn what a camera is for! Can’t wait to see you all next month! :o)

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