Adventures in Eating

Okay, so, no, this isn’t a post about Ben’s first birthday. I’ll get that up, I will, but this little incident just needed to be shared.

I’ve learned by now that if I plan on eating yogurt while Ben is around, I’d better be prepared to share. This afternoon, while I was poking around in the fridge trying to decide on lunches for the two of us, he took that a step further and just pulled the yogurt out himself. Decision made, for him at least.

It soon became clear that sharing with me was not exactly what he had in mind. He didn’t want me to eat any of the yogurt, it was his, he’d gotten it out himself, and it was his! And not only that, but he wanted to do it himself. My assistance with the spoon was not needed.

I have to admit, I hesitated. But, we just bought a tarp to protect the floor from exactly this kind of thing. If the mess is no longer such an issue, what reason do I really have to say no? So, I put down the tarp and handed over the spoon.

The first thing he did was shove his free hand into the yogurt container. Instant smiles.

Then he smooshed the yogurt around a bit with his hand, and banged at it with his spoon. Also fun!

Just as I was starting to wonder if he’d forgotten that this was food, he finally stuck his spoon into his mouth.

Then his hand.


Cleanup took a little while, but he had so much fun, and even managed to actually eat some of the yogurt. Totally worth it.

(Hmm. It seems that, since I’m posting this from my iPod, all of the photos will be at the bottom if the post. I’ll try to fix that when I have a few minutes in front of the computer. Sorry about that!)

(Wow, and they’re in reverse order, too. Awesome.)






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