Photo Dump pt 1: Birthday trip to the museum

So, basically, iPhoto causes me a great deal of frustration. We’ve never gotten along well together, and because of that, quite a few of the posts that I start don’t get finished. I just can’t take the time to battle with iPhoto and also write about each of the photos or the events that the photos came from.

But I really want to share some photos with those of you who are too far away to watch Ben play, or go to the park with us, or take a tour of Anderson Gardens with me.

My temporary solution: a couple of photo dump posts. Very little commentary, just a whole lot of pictures. I hope no one finds it too annoying. It’s all I can really manage at this point, until we can somehow solve the iPhoto problems that I’m having.

First up, Ben’s birthday trip to Discovery Center. Enjoy!


He looks so little!

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