One two! One two!

I needed to take a shower this morning, so I let Ben choose a show to watch (Thomas), double-checked the stairway gate, and hopped in.

Pretty soon I could hear him running around and playing. Good!

Then I heard him counting. “One two! One two!” Great! I love it when he counts. It’s adorable, and I love that he’s recognizing multiples of things and using words to describe them.

That’s when my mom-instincts kicked in. What on earth could he have more than one of? He’s already wearing his shoes, and he almost never counts his crayons. It could be my socks, but…where exactly was his voice coming from?

“Hey Ben! What are you counting?”

“This!” He proudly held up three sticks of butter.


Yep. I’d forgotten to close the kitchen gate, and he’d gone looking through the fridge.

At least he was too busy counting the butter to try to get any of it open.

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