Ben’s Birthday List

:: Updated! Expanded! Slightly less Cars-intensive! ::

Hello everyone! Ben’s birthday is fast approaching, and some of you have been asking what kinds of gifts he might like this year. Well, here are a few ideas!

Generally speaking, he would love art supplies (paper, paints, markers, craft supplies, even an easel – we don’t have one yet), picture books or story collections, digging toys, a sled (maybe a saucer that he can ride with a parent) and money towards a class – he’s expressed interest in both tumbling and swimming.

Larger items include a covered sandbox, an inflatable backyard pool, other lawn or sidewalk toys, and child-friendly bookshelves (small, lightweight, maybe with books facing forward).

Clothes are a good gift, too. He is or soon will be wearing size 3T for shirts, 2T or 3T with a belt/size adjusters for pants, and size 8 for shoes.  Winter boots and snow gear are another good option!

Specifically, he has asked for bath markers/paints (to color the tub and also the bubbles). He has also specifically asked for Hot Wheels, especially of the Color Changer variety. He loves playing in the bath, and he loves sending his cars to the car wash.

Also, for the last couple of weeks, when Ben’s asked for something at the store, I’ve told him that we can take a picture of it and put it on his birthday list.

The observant among you will quickly notice a pattern.

McQueen Backpack

This is a Lightning McQueen backpack. I honestly don’t know if this is still out there or not, since it’s a school supply, and I don’t know what he would use it for, but he seems to love it.

Radiator Springs SetJapanese, SpanishFrench, German

These are Cars and Cars 2 packs, at Target. I took pictures of the packs because he asked. However, he already has Jeff Gorvette (the yellow car in the Radiator Springs set and the second Racing 4-Pack) and Francesco (the white and red car in the middle pack).

The Radiator Springs pack is actually pretty great, and has some cars that I haven’t seen separately.  But, if you’re looking to buy singles, he most often asks for Nigel (a green, British car) and Raul (a blue, French car). He also loves the Japanese and German cars. I think that’s why he picked out those two 4-packs.

McQueen Charge UpChargerAfter playing with a Charge-Up version of McQueen at his cousins’ house, he’s been asking for his own. Here’s a photo of a Charge-Ups car and of the charger. There are several different cars that use these chargers.

SilverwareHe really has an eagle eye for anything that is branded with his favorite characters.  He latched on to this silverware set right away. I don’t even remember why we were in that aisle!

Please, don’t feel like all of his gifts need to be Cars themed.  If you are thinking about getting him something vehicle related, he’s just as enamored with Hot Wheels and Mattel cars as he is with the Disney ones, and they are way less expensive. He also loves trains (Thomas or otherwise) and planes, and pretty much anything else that travels.

Other characters that he’s excited about right now are Phineas and Ferb, Curious George, Angry Birds, Peanuts, Sesame Street, and Monsters, Inc.

Thank you so much, I hope this post is helpful to some of you!

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