One two! One two!

I needed to take a shower this morning, so I let Ben choose a show to watch (Thomas), double-checked the stairway gate, and hopped in.

Pretty soon I could hear him running around and playing. Good!

Then I heard him counting. “One two! One two!” Great! I love it when he counts. It’s adorable, and I love that he’s recognizing multiples of things and using words to describe them.

That’s when my mom-instincts kicked in. What on earth could he have more than one of? He’s already wearing his shoes, and he almost never counts his crayons. It could be my socks, but…where exactly was his voice coming from?

“Hey Ben! What are you counting?”

“This!” He proudly held up three sticks of butter.


Yep. I’d forgotten to close the kitchen gate, and he’d gone looking through the fridge.

At least he was too busy counting the butter to try to get any of it open.

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Uncle Steve

On Monday, my uncle Steve was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which had spread to other systems, including his bones.

On Thursday, he was sent home, put under the care of hospice nurses, and told that he had three to six weeks.

On Saturday afternoon, he died.

He was at home, with both of his daughters, as well as one of his brothers (though not my dad – he was on his way home from vacation at the time).

I can’t even begin to explain the shock I’m feeling. The first I heard of this was on Thursday. Even though I knew he had been sick, no one, including his doctors, had any idea how serious it was. In fact, a CAT scan from 13 months ago was entirely clear.

I’d been so disappointed that he wasn’t feeling well enough to come to his granddaughter’s first birthday party two week ago, but knew that he was recovering from pneumonia, so understood why he might avoid a crowd.

He gave me my first job, back in high school, at his restaurant. He always told the funniest jokes. He often hosted family parties, especially at Christmas. His daughters are the older girls I always looked up to as a child.

He was my godfather.

I’m in shock, and I’m desperately sad.

I didn’t even have time to go visit him. It all happened so, so fast.

I hope he knows how much I’ve always loved him.

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Photo Dump pt 3 – All Dressed Up

In most of these photos, Ben’s wearing something silly, whether it be a Halloween costume, a bulky winter coat, or even my work shirt.

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Photo Dump pt 2: Birthday Party!

Some shots from Ben’s party. He didn’t stand still much, so a lot of the pictures we took came out pretty blurry.  Here are the best, clearest ones.

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Photo Dump pt 1: Birthday trip to the museum

So, basically, iPhoto causes me a great deal of frustration. We’ve never gotten along well together, and because of that, quite a few of the posts that I start don’t get finished. I just can’t take the time to battle with iPhoto and also write about each of the photos or the events that the photos came from.

But I really want to share some photos with those of you who are too far away to watch Ben play, or go to the park with us, or take a tour of Anderson Gardens with me.

My temporary solution: a couple of photo dump posts. Very little commentary, just a whole lot of pictures. I hope no one finds it too annoying. It’s all I can really manage at this point, until we can somehow solve the iPhoto problems that I’m having.

First up, Ben’s birthday trip to Discovery Center. Enjoy!


He looks so little!

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Happy New Year!

I have high hopes for 2011.  Here are a few of my goals (best to put them down in writing, don’t you think?):

– Create a more peaceful, more joyful home.  I’ll be referring to Christine Carter’s book and blog, among other things, to help me with this one.

– To help me reach the previous goal, I will be finding at least 30 minutes every day for myself, either to knit, read, play a game, or maybe even just go to bed earlier.  And I’m going to encourage Dan to do the same, even if that means we have to take turns caring for Ben to accomplish it (though hopefully we can work it in when Ben is asleep).

– Be more social.  Now that Ben is bigger, he can handle day trips and the like much better.  We’ve been kind of isolated this past year, and I want to change that.  So, if you want to visit us or have us come visit you, let me know!  And, don’t be surprised if we start to contact you more often as well.

That’s where I’m going to leave it for now.  It’s not a long list, but I think it’s an important one.  My working on these goals should actually be good for all of us.

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Adventures in Eating

Okay, so, no, this isn’t a post about Ben’s first birthday. I’ll get that up, I will, but this little incident just needed to be shared.

I’ve learned by now that if I plan on eating yogurt while Ben is around, I’d better be prepared to share. This afternoon, while I was poking around in the fridge trying to decide on lunches for the two of us, he took that a step further and just pulled the yogurt out himself. Decision made, for him at least.

It soon became clear that sharing with me was not exactly what he had in mind. He didn’t want me to eat any of the yogurt, it was his, he’d gotten it out himself, and it was his! And not only that, but he wanted to do it himself. My assistance with the spoon was not needed.

I have to admit, I hesitated. But, we just bought a tarp to protect the floor from exactly this kind of thing. If the mess is no longer such an issue, what reason do I really have to say no? So, I put down the tarp and handed over the spoon.

The first thing he did was shove his free hand into the yogurt container. Instant smiles.

Then he smooshed the yogurt around a bit with his hand, and banged at it with his spoon. Also fun!

Just as I was starting to wonder if he’d forgotten that this was food, he finally stuck his spoon into his mouth.

Then his hand.


Cleanup took a little while, but he had so much fun, and even managed to actually eat some of the yogurt. Totally worth it.

(Hmm. It seems that, since I’m posting this from my iPod, all of the photos will be at the bottom if the post. I’ll try to fix that when I have a few minutes in front of the computer. Sorry about that!)

(Wow, and they’re in reverse order, too. Awesome.)






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